Thursday, May 9, 2013

Operation Relentless

Humpback_whale_sfwSea Shepherd announces its 2013-14 Antarctic whale defence campaign, and its 10th, Operation RelentlessIn the last season, Operation Zero Tolerance sent the whalers home with less than a 10th of their quota, saving the lives of 932 whales.  During the last 9 seasons, the group has saved the lives of 4,500 whales, exposing "illegal Japanese whaling to the world."  At its youtube channel, Sea Shepherd states:
Hundreds of millions in debt, the industry cannot continue to sustain such huge financial losses.
Japan stated that the attempt to kill whales in the 5th "survey" district was completely abandoned due to "relentless interference by Sea Shepherd."
Sea Shepherd likes that kind of "relentless" accusation. We like being relentless in the pursuit of finally bring peace to the whales of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.


*Photo credit/Save Our Whales/Sea Shepherd photo/September 21, 2007 post, "Sea Shepherd - Save Our Whales"

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