Sunday, April 14, 2013

Land Of Guantánamo

Singer-songwriter Rich Wyman in a protest song about Guántanamo. Directed by Eric Hutchins.

Also listen to an interview with Rich Wyman here about how and why he wrote the song, along with portions of a performance.

The UK Guardian reports a hearing to be held on Monday regarding deteriorating conditions at the prison as a British hunger striker inside Guantánamo Bay described fears that prisoners would soon die - and if authorities did not take action to release those long determined as no longer needing to be detained, and to close the illegal facility.
Shaker Aamer, the last UK resident still held at the camp, claims he is subjected to harsh treatment from guards and denied water, despite being in a weakened state due to severe weight loss, according to a written declaration filed by his lawyer.
At least one prisoner has lost 55 pounds or 25% of his body weight in the hunger strike believed to have started February 6th.

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