Monday, September 26, 2011


Did you read this New York Times article about foraging abandonned gardens?  A scissors is a handy thing to carry around if you happen upon edible greens.

I took a walk down an old trail that meandors into town over assorted woods alongside the backs of abandoned buildings – near wilded gardens. 
I spotted a broccoli plant without broccoli, but tons of tasty and nutrition-rich leaves, often ignored and discarded by consumers.  So I pulled out my handy scissors and clipped a few, along with the outer leaves of a nearby cabbage needing barber, and another variety of cabbage and kale at the next spot.
A few hikers smiled and nodded as they passed me, snipping and clipping into my sack. 

Broccoli Leaves Without Broccoli - Spigariello

Just several hardy leaves with this trusty manicure device, and I conveniently continued on with at least a week's supply of fresh greens  - and greens that stay fresh.  (Since supermarket greens are a lot older than we often think - at the end of this supply, the leaves were still firm and rich - fresher than the freshest ones on a quality store shelf.)

Once home, they were soaked and well cleaned, chopped, and mixed - then ready to pull from the refrigerator for fast, delicious, assorted stir fries and soups.

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